CPMHC 2022 Pre-Budget Submission

The CPMHC has submitted, for the first time, a Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance’s pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2022 budget.


The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (CPMHC) urges the government to allocate appropriate funding to consult with representatives of provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous governing bodies and other relevant stakeholders including perinatal health care providers, perinatal mental health care specialists and researchers, representatives of advocacy organizations and individuals with lived experience – in the development of a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy.

See the CPMHC’s submission below.

Here is an explanation of the seasonal budget process by Imagine Canada:

The budget is the government’s yearly financial plan, which sets out the government’s overall taxation and spending priorities.


In the summer/fall, the House of Commons Finance Committee begins pre-budget consultations by asking Canadians and organizations to submit written briefs outlining what they would like to see in the upcoming budget.

The Finance Committee holds public hearings across the country to hear more from Canadians about their priorities.


In December, the Finance Committee presents a report based on the pre-budget consultations to the House of Commons. The report reflects the opinions of a majority of the committee members, and makes recommendations to the Government for the upcoming budget.


During the winter, as part of its budget writing process, the Government will consider the committee’s report and recommendations. Although the Government is not obligated to act on the committee’s recommendations, the pre-budget consultations provide an opportunity for parliamentary input into the budget planning process, as well as public discussion and debate regarding the government’s spending and taxation priorities.


In March, the Minister of Finance presents the Government’s budget, which outlines the Government’s taxation and spending priorities for the coming fiscal year.

In the Spring, the government tables its main estimates for the coming fiscal year (the government’s spending plans) and its departmental plans (which set out the results that departments intend to achieve). The House of Commons votes and approves the Appropriation Bill (spending funds). The Bill is then sent to the Senate for review and approval.


In the fall, the Minister of Finance presents and economic and fiscal update, which provides mid-year information on the country’s economic growth and the state of the Government’s finances. The Government presents its public accounts, which outline the government’s actual spending during the year.

Read the CPMHC 2022 Budget Submission here:

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