Looking For People To Attend Virtual All-Candidates Meetings In Their Ridings During Election Campaign

CALL OUT: We are looking for people to attend All-Candidates Meetings (mostly virtual due to COVID) in their ridings to ask a question about perinatal mental health.

Here is info on how to participate:

This is your chance to become directly involved in advocating for perinatal mental health!

This is a chance to let candidates know that perinatal mental health matters in each and every riding in Canada!

Here is the training webinar hosted by Co-Founders Jaime Charlebois and Patricia Tomasi, along with public-policy advocacy expert, Sean Moore, from the Advocacy School:

During an election, each riding hosts “All-Candidates Meetings” to give the public a chance to ask the candidates running in their riding questions on issues that matter to them. These meetings/debates will be starting soon!

Most election campaigns will have several all-candidates meetings which provide a forum for individuals to ask questions of all the candidates in a “townhall” debate format. These are usually advertised in local papers or on candidate websites.

Ask well-framed questions in an all-candidate meeting to raise the public profile of our issues with candidates and voters. Public participants who choose to ask a question will have about 30-60 seconds to ask their question.

Make note of the answers to your questions and if you are unclear on something, you can usually follow up with the candidate or a member of their campaign team after the meeting.

We will be delivering a Webinar to explain the process and provide you with an information package ahead of the meeting.

How to participate in your riding’s All Candidates virtual debate and raise awareness for perinatal mental health this election!!

  1. Find out what riding you’re in by googling your city/town and “federal riding”.
  2. Find out who the candidates are running in your riding.
  3. Call one of the candidates’ offices and ask when the All Candidates debate/meeting is taking place and who you should call to get a question in.
  4. Sign up for our training webinar happening Sept. 1st at 1 pm (will be recorded) by emailing us at canpmhc@gmail.com
  5. Ask your perinatal mental health question!

What is an All-Candidates Meeting?

At an All-Candidates Meeting, residents have a chance to hear from the candidates, evaluate political platforms, and ask questions about current issues. All nominees running for MP in a particular district are invited to gather and share their views.

These events are non-partisan, meaning all political parties are invited and attendees get to hear about the issues from many different perspectives. The focus may be broad and cover a range of issues, or be focused on an issue of particular importance to the hosting group.

Examples include, but are not limited to, poverty, women’s rights, climate change, business, Indigenous rights, and immigration.

Local media often cover and even moderate these events.

Typically, All-Candidates Meetings take place in locations like community centres, town halls, and school auditoriums which are shared community spaces and feel welcoming to people from all walks of life but with the pandemic, most will be virtual.

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