What We Think Of Hollywood’s Latest Depiction of Perinatal Illness With The Movie – A Mouthful Of Air

*** The movie is now available on Amazon Prime ***

Have you heard of this new movie – A Mouthful of Air staring Amanda Seyfried? It hit theatres very recently however in Canada it’s currently only playing in 3 theatres – Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

The movie might be coming to Amazon Prime soon so CPMHC co-founders Jaime and Patricia wanted to see it so we could give our review to all of you in case you were wondering whether to see it or not. We saw it last night in Toronto and we just wanted to let you know what we thought about it.

We both thought it was really well done and the first poignant portrayal of a new mom struggling with a perinatal mental illness. It could be triggering however so we were glad to see the trigger warning at the beginning and end of the movie. The ending can be very disturbing to many and definitely had us in tears. But we wouldn’t dissuade anyone from wanting to see the movie as we feel Hollywood has finally got it right or as close to right as possible thus far in depicting one family’s story of perinatal mental illness. A lot of scenes felt extremely accurate and the way the director and actors were able to show the subtleties of perinatal mental illness was really astounding.

We definitely liked this movie and hope to see more of different people’s stories of perinatal mental illness hit the mainstream and big screen in the near future. We would love to hear your thoughts when you get a chance to see it.

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