Our Hope For 2022

Back before CPMHC, future co-founders Jaime and Patricia were two Barrie moms on a mission just trying to get their grocery shopping done.

But they kept bumping into each other and chatting about the dismal state of perinatal mental health care in Canada and how it was about time Canada needed a national perinatal mental health strategy and advocacy group lobbying for change.

Fast forward two years later, and, well, while they’re still trying to get their shopping done (among other things, navigate a never-ending pandemic), they’ve managed to go from bumping carts and spills in aisle five to motions, petitions, and bills on the floor of the House of Commons AND getting perinatal mental health care onto the government’s agenda!

No small feat. And definitely not nearly doable without the support and tremendous hard work of numerous fierce advocates and elected officials across Canada who dropped everything and said “YES!” each time we reached out for help. To you, a heartfelt thank you and we look forward to continue working together.

Our hope for 2022 is that the Canadian government moves forward steadfastly on their promise to «ensure timely access to perinatal mental health services.» We will be working hard to make sure that happens sooner rather than later. We’ll also be announcing our new Board of Directors and forging a strong path forward to ensure CPMHC remains a viable and valuable patient-led organization heading into 2022 and beyond.

Special thanks to the Daymark Foundation for supporting us with our first grant and making this all possible.

We wish you and your families peace and good health and we truly hope that the pandemic will end soon.

As for grocery shopping? Who are we kidding, we’ll never get it done

Happy New Year!

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