International Fathers’ Mental Health Day

Today, June 20/2022, is International Fathers’ Mental Health Day (IFMHD), an annual global event first launched in 2016 which draws attention to issues unique to men as they transition to fatherhood—their strengths, difficulties, and needs.

The CPMHC and many other organizations are enthusiastic supporters of IFMHD as a means to take a whole-family, father-inclusive approach by shedding light on the best practices and related resources for dads, their partners, and those who support them.

Goal: To collectively encourage father’s/dads/partners who may be struggling to come forward and seek help.


• 1 in 10 expecting or new dads experience perinatal anxiety or depression and 56% do not seek support.

• The father’s role has changed dramatically over the past few decades and today, dads are much more involved, both in the practicalities of parenting and in building their relationship with their child.

• 43% of first-time dads believe postpartum depression and anxiety is a sign of weakness.

• The impact of mental illness for men can be catastrophic, with suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45. New fathers are unlikely to seek help, with over half (56%) not seeking support during stressful times. Since men are three times more likely to take their own lives, it’s essential that dads who feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed seek help.


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