Parti Québécois Only Party In Quebec To Commit To Improving Perinatal Mental Health Services

During her press briefing, PQ candidate in Taillon, Dr. Andrée-Anne Bouvette-Turcot, was accompanied by perinatal psychiatrist and co-founder of the Quebec Alliance for Perinatal Mental Health (AQSMP), Dr. Tuong-Vi Nguyen , the PQ candidate in Marie-Victorin, Pierre Nantel and the outgoing PQ MP for Joliette Véronique Hivon.

Provincial elections are underway in Quebec – voting will take place today, October 3rd. The CPMHC is working in partnership with the Quebec Alliance on Perinatal Mental Health to ensure perinatal mental health is a priority for each party.

The only party that has promised improved perinatal mental health services is the Parti Québécois. In Longueuil, on September 29, Taillon Parti Québécois candidate and psychologist, Dr. Andrée-Anne Bouvette-Turcot, in partnership with the Quebec Alliance for Perinatal Mental Health and the CPMHC, presented measures that the Parti Québécois intends to take to fill the existing gaps in perinatal mental health:

What the Parti Québécois promises:

• Provide all necessary means to CLSCs (local community service centres) so that they
become the gateway to the public network, and can thus ensure pregnancy follow-up;

• In collaboration with the Quebec Alliance on Perinatal Mental Health, CLSCs and
community organizations, we promise to use all possible means to raise awareness
among health professionals, as well as the general population, of the importance of
perinatal mental health;

Promote greater collaboration and better coordination of perinatal resources,
particularly between the health network, community organizations and other community

• Promote the work, skills and expertise of community organizations in matters of
perinatal mental health:

• Increase funding to $460 million annually, including $370 million just for the Support
Program for Community Organizations (PSOC);

• In Taillon, the Parti Quebecois candidate, Dr. Andree-Anne Bouvette-Turcotte,
promises to set up a birth center that meets the real needs of organizations and
establishments that work perinatally. It is also surprising that there is only one birth
center in Montérégie, in Richelieu.

Here is what the other parties promise to deliver on mental health in general:

Québec Solidaire:

Promise to hire 900 psychologists and immediately increase their salaries by 30%. Promise to hire another 1,000 mental health professionals. To reduce waiting lists, the party would bring private psychologists back into the public health system.

Coalition Avenir Quebec:

Committed to offering local services to people with mental disorders, more partnerships with community organizations to train peer support workers.

Liberal Party of Quebec:

Promise to form a public psychotherapy program and provide more funding to community mental health organizations.

Conservative party of Quebec:

A youth mental health summit would be held within the first 100 days of a Tory government.

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