2nd Annual Flora’s Walk Fundraiser Launch

January 14th, 2023 — Today marks the one year anniversary of Flora Babakhani’s tragic death by suicide due to undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated postpartum psychosis. Though we have begun to make progress and have captured the attention of the Prime Minister himself, there’s still so much work to do — and we need your help.


In continuing our work to ensure we get a national strategy and timely access to perinatal mental health services, in Flora’s honour, today we are launching the 2nd Annual Flora’s Walk for Perinatal Mental Health fundraiser and have set a goal to raise $150,000 – double the amount we raised last year – by World Maternal Mental Health Day, May 3rd, 2023.


There are three ways to participate in Flora’s Walk and make a difference.

1. DONATE NOW at https://FlorasWalk.ca 

2. Become a WALK LEADER and lead a walk event in your city during World Maternal Mental Health Week (April 29th – May 7th)

3. Set a personal goal and walk from now until May 3rd as an INDIVIDUAL

*** BONUS: Walk Leaders that sign up by February 15th and lead a walk in their city during World Maternal Mental Health Week (April 29th – May 7th) will be awarded with enrolment in the 32-hour Online Certified Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Certificate Program with the option to obtain a Canadian Certified – Perinatal Mental Health Certificate (CC-PMH) through https://www.canadianperinatalmentalhealthtrainings.com. The value of this training is $2856 per person! As official CPMHC Walk Leaders, we want to thank you for your volunteerism, passion and commitment to the cause! ***

Sign up now and download the Walk Leader Info Package at https://cpmhc.ca/join-floras-walk

We are still so saddened and shocked at what happened to Flora and determined more than ever to make sure it never happens again. While Flora suffered from the rarest and most severe form of perinatal mental illness, there are tens of thousands of others who are suffering right now from mild to moderate postpartum depression and anxiety who also aren’t getting help due a lack of timely access to services.

Last year, 20 walks in cities across Canada were held where you helped us raise over $75,000 at our first annual Flora’s Walk for Perinatal Mental Health. The money went to 22 charities working to improve the service delivery of perinatal mental health care, to specialized training that we are providing for our 2022 and 2023 Walk Leaders, and to Flora’s baby Amber who was adopted by Flora’s sister, Mimi. 

Where will the money go in 2023?

Strengthening the Community: 25% of the funds raised will go into our new ‘Community Pot.’ We heard from many community-based groups/organizations that do not have non-profit/charity status, about the struggles they have to create and sustain programming that is free or low cost. They have the passion and knowledge and want to provide a place for their clients to land. That is why this year, will be opening up an application process for community-based organizations to apply for funding to support new and/or established initiatives.

Strengthening Knowledge: Part of our Community Pot will also go towards continuing to provide specialized perinatal mental health training for our Walk Leaders. Last year, we raised approximately $14,000 with the goal of providing high quality training for health care professionals. Thanks to those funds, CPMHC has partnered with CPMHT (Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings) to provide 2022 & 2023 Walk Leaders with the online Perinatal Mental Health Certificate Program (32-hours)(www.canadianperinatalmentalhealthtrainings.com). Once Walk Leaders complete the workshops, they have the option to obtain a Canadian Certified – Perinatal Mental Health Certificate (CC-PMH). This requires three hours of clinical consultation with selected faculty members. This would be included in the training. More details to come!

Strengthening Advocacy: This year, 75% of the funds raised will go towards CPMHC’s new Strategic Plan (unveiling soon) activities that prioritize the development of nationwide provincial/territorial CPMHC Advocacy Chapters. With the government currently working with CPMHC to prioritize perinatal mental health, we need to take advantage and advocate from the ground up and the top down = stronger impact.


Are you a business looking to help out? Become a sponsor and we will upload your logo on the Walk site and much more! Email us for more info at canpmhc@gmail.com

Let’s make this year, the year of action and turn those promises into reality!

Join us:

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