Anneliese Lawton

Anneliese Lawton is an award-winning content strategist, best-selling author, mental health advocate, and public speaker. Her unfiltered, heartfelt, and hilarious take on motherhood and mental health has grown a worldwide audience, taking her on an unexpected and deeply cherished journey in both life and career. 

With three kids under seven (plus two dogs, a foster puppy, and, much to her husband’s dismay, a stray Holland Lop), Anneliese is never short on content. She’s woven lessons and perspectives on motherhood and womanhood into over 50 bylines, her best-selling parenting memoir, Welcome to the Jungle: A Frantic Journey Through Motherhood and Self-Discovery, and her advocacy work – including Community Champion for the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women®. 

Determined that no other mom should feel the weight of despair, Anneliese is dedicated to advocating for healthier family dynamics, promoting positive child development, and breaking intergenerational cycles. 

She believes this journey begins with ensuring access to the right information, resources, and support for every mother. 

Through storytelling, Anneliese shares the raw reality of motherhood, showcasing the humanness in falling down and the courage in asking for help. 

Her advocacy work aims to ensure that no one has to stand back up alone.