Resources During COVID-19


We have been compiling a list of mental health resources to help during Covid-19 / coronavirus. Please check here for the latest updates:

👉 From the World Health Organization: All pregnant women, including those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, have the right to high quality care before, during and after childbirth. This includes antenatal, newborn, postnatal, intrapartum and mental health care.

A safe and positive childbirth experience includes:

💙 Being treated with respect and dignity;
💚 Having a companion of choice present during delivery;
💙 Clear communication by maternity staff;
💚 Appropriate pain relief strategies:
💙 Mobility in labour where possible, and birth position of choice.

If COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, health workers should take all appropriate precautions to reduce risks of infection to themselves and others, including hand hygiene, and appropriate use of protective clothing like gloves, gown and medical mask.

Pacific Postpartum Support Society:

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604-255-7999 | Toll-Free (855) 255-7999 | Texting 604-255-7999


Big White Wall (BWW) is an online community that offers free, peer-to-peer support for anyone dealing with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

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Canadian Mental Health Association:

Five basic tips to help individuals experiencing heightened mental health concerns to remain calm and balanced as this public health situation unfolds.

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Postpartum Support International:

👉 Postpartum Support International has created additional online support groups during this difficult time. They are free and open to the public. Participants need to create a Support Group Central account and register for the group of their choice.

Find a health care practitioner that can provide therapy:

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U.S. National Perinatal Association:

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Private Facebook Support Group run by CPMHC co-founder Patricia Tomasi:

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