Daisy Singla

Daisy Singla Current REB-Approved Grants

Daisy Singla

October 22, 2020

June 2019-May 2024​Scaling up psychological treatments for perinatal depression and anxiety via telemedicine 

Role: Principal Investigator.  Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). 
Grant: Pragmatic Clinical Study 

​Co-Principal Investigator: Samantha Meltzer-Brody

​Collaborators: Cindy-Lee Dennis, Ariel Dalfen, Simone Vigod, Alex Kiss, Andrea Lawson, Paula Ravitz, Allison Stuebe, Bradley Gaynes, Crystal Schiller, John Naslund, Jo Kim, Laura LaPorte, Richard Silver, Steven D. Hollon, and Vikram Patel
Amount: $ 13,153,426.00 USD; Awarded December 11 2018 

April 2019-March 2021​The development and evaluation of a digital training platform for interpersonal psychotherapy.  

Role: Co-Principal Investigator, AFP

​Grant MSH-UHN AMO Innovation Funding: Paula Ravitz
Collaborators: Andrea Lawson, Simone Vigod, Sophie Grigoriadias, Sophia Soklaridis

​Amount: $189,444.59 CAD Awarded March 2019

June 2018-May 2020​Enabling translation to Science to Service to Enhance Depression CarE (ESSENCE) Administrative Supplement. 

Role: Co-Investigator.  Supplement Award.  National Institutes of Mental Health. 
Grant: U19MH113211-S1Principal Investigator: Patel, Vikram  
Collaborators: John Nasland, Zafra Cooper 
Amount: $155,247.00 USD

Jul 2019-Jun 2024​IMPlementation of evidence-based facility and community interventions to REduce the treatment gap for depreSSion (IMPRESS) 
Role: Co-Investigator. R01. National Institutes of Mental Health.  
Principal Investigators: Vikram Patel; Abhijit Nadkarni.  
Collaborators: Chunling Yu, Pim Cuijpers, Richard Velleman, Helen Weiss, Rahul Shidhaye; 
Amount: $3,500,000.00 USD

April 2019-Mar 2021             Web Cameras

      Role:  Co-Investigator.  Post Graduate Innovations Award.  
      Grant Post Graduate Innovations Award. Principal Investigator: Mark Halman. 
      Collaborators:  Andrea Lawson, Lesley Wiesenfeld. 
      Amount: $10,000.00 CAD

Aug 2017-Jul 2022​Testing Means to Scale Early Childhood Development Interventions in Rural Kenya.   
Role: Co-Investigator.  R01.  National Institutes of Child Health and Development.  
Grant No.: R01HD090045Principal Investigator: Luoto, Jill.  
Collaborators: Italo Lopez Garcia, Lia Fernald, Frances Aboud, Alie Eleveld, James P. Smith. 
Amount: $3,924,255.00 USD