On May 5th, 2021, World Maternal Mental Health Day, MP Heather McPherson presented a Motion in the House of Commons to support a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy and guess what –  all parties UNANIMOUSLY agreed to it!

BUT… (and there’s a big but)…the Motion isn’t a binding requirement on the government to act, meaning, just because they say they support a national strategy, that doesn’t mean they have to do anything about it until an actual Bill is created and brought forward.

SO…we needed to make sure each and every MP knew that a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy is IMPORTANT to their constituents (that’s YOU!) and that we needed a Bill to make it happen! 

We started our #TimeForAction campaign and asked everyone to use our easy platform to write to their local MP. Over 1200 letters were sent right across Canada!

On June 3rd, 2021, Vancouver-Kingsway NDP MP and Health Critic, Don Davies introduced his Private Member’s Bill: THE NATIONAL PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH STRATEGY ACT in the House of Commons and we started a new campaign: #PASSBILLC306