May 2021

The CPMHC held a Virtual Symposium along with the Ludmer Center. CPMHC Co-Founders, Jaime Charlebois and Patricia Tomasi were interviewed by Barrie Today about World Maternal Mental Health Day, how they met and formed the CPMHC, and the symposium:

TVO The Agenda Host Nam Kiwanuka wrote a column and mentioned the survey and National Report done by the CPMHC and our mission for a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy: “This past Thursday, the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative released a report that found that “95.8% of health care practitioners believe that perinatal mental health services are insufficient in Canada” and that when people were screened and needed support, 42 per cent had to wait for more than two months to access help. If you’re having a crisis, two months is a very long time to wait. If you’re not concerned about the mothers, what about the impact on the children?..There is reason to be optimistic. This past Wednesday, a motion was unanimously carried by the House to recognize the first Wednesday of May as World Maternal Health Day and for Canada to develop a national perinatal mental-health strategy. Once again, time will tell. Unfortunately for many families, time has already been wasted.”

Picture of CPMHC