Meet the Co-Founders

Jaime Charlebois, RN, BScN, PNC(C), MScN, PMH-C 

CPMHC Co-Executive Director

Jaime Charlebois

Jaime Charlebois is a mom of one who struggled through early parenting due to undiagnosed and untreated perinatal mental illness. She is the Co-founder and Co-Executive Director of the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative. Jaime has 23 years of clinical experience and is currently working as an Advanced Practice Nurse and Psychotherapist in perinatal mental health. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing, a Perinatal Nursing Certification from the Canadian Nurses Association and a Perinatal Mental Health certification from Postpartum Support International. Her work experience includes clinical nursing, higher education, and clinical leadership positions. She collaborates at the local, provincial, and national level with multiple organizations and committees.

Patricia Tomasi, BJourn

CPMHC Co-Executive Director

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Patricia Tomasi

Patricia Tomasi is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative. Prior to becoming an advocate, Patricia, a mom of two, worked in government communications and as a reporter in various newsrooms across Canada. As a journalist for HuffPost, Patricia shared her struggle with perinatal mental illness and reported on the current state of perinatal mental health care in Canada. Patricia created and edited Canada’s first perinatal mental health anthology: You Are Not Alone, containing the stories of 49 mothers across the 49th parallel.

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