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Monique Moreau, she/her

Executive Director, Happy Roots Foundation

I am thrilled to be on the CPMHC Board of Directors. Jaime and Patricia have single-handedly raised awareness and brought attention to the lack of perinatal mental health supports in Canada. As a (tired) mom of two, consistent perinatal mental health screening would have made such a difference to me after the birth of my first child, and I am so excited to be cheering them on as they continue this incredibly important work.

As a policy wonk and all-around nerd (I’m fun at dinner parties, I promise!), I look forward to working collaboratively with my board colleagues. I am keen to support the CPMHC with my previous board experience in governance and strategic planning, as well as with my background as a lawyer and government relations specialist. 

It is my sincere hope that, should my kiddos go on to have families of their own, the necessary screening and supports will be in place to help them if they need it. But it can’t take another generation! CPMHC has built up incredible momentum on this issue and I can’t wait to work together.