Prince Edward Island

Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark, PEI

Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark is an associate professor in shellfish biology at Dalhousie University. She lives in both PEI and NS with her husband, Fraser, and son Rory. Since the birth of her son in 2011, Sarah has helped build and lead local grassroots groups and campaigns to improve access to mental health services and to advocate for and serve vulnerable Islanders. She co-founded the group Island Mothers Helping Mothers, which serves as a supportive village for caregivers in the province. With a membership of 5000, this group has provided over $400,000 in assistance to families in PEI over the last five yeas. In 2017, Sarah launched a highly successful social media campaign called #HowManyWade, which started a provincial conversation about the lack of mental healthcare in Prince Edward Island. She has hosted public forums on mental healthcare, addictions and is a strong advocate for survivors of sexual violence. This extraordinary dedication to community service in PEI was acknowledged with a nomination in 2018 to receive the Order of Prince Edward Island. Sarah ran for public office and was one of five candidates who ran for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of PEI in 2019. As the sole female candidate in this leadership race, Sarah brought forward a strong voice for women in the province. Sarah is passionate about ensuring underrepresented voices are present and heard at decision making tables.