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Survey: Assessing Current Perinatal Mental Health Services


The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (CPMHC) developed this questionnaire to ask health care practitioners across Canada to participate in an online survey to help us understand the state of mental health care in Canada during preconception, pregnancy and the postpartum period (from here on referred to as perinatal).

These collected data were then published in this report to encourage our political leaders to develop a national perinatal mental health strategy that will meet the needs of all parents in every jurisdiction in Canada. We additionally have a peer-reviewed publication under review which should be published in 2022. We encourage other health care agencies to use this survey so we can collectively gain a greater understanding of the state of perinatal mental health over time. We invite your agency or organization to use this survey and to please let us know what you learn and find. You can email us at to share your findings. The CPMHC is a national, non-profit advocacy organization calling on the federal government to enact a national perinatal mental health strategy (

How to Complete The Survey

To complete this survey, please answer the questions and click submit. There are 33 questions in total. This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

If yes, what training did you receive? (scroll down)
(screening questionnaires such as):

EPDS – Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale

PHQ – Patient Health Questionnaire

GAD – General Anxiety Disorder

PDPI – Postpartum Depression Predictors Inventory

PDSS – Postpartum Depression Screening Scale

PDSS – Postpartum Depression Screening Scale
A resource like may help you locate local resources
(This would be professional such as nurses, midwives, or social workers that come to the home to offer care)
If yes, can you provide some detail as to what type of home care is offered and by which professional


Hicks, L.M., Ou, C., Charlebois, J., Tarasoff, L.A., Roos, L., Pawluski, J., Fairbrother, N., Hooykaas, A., Tomfohr-Madsen, L. (Submitted). Assessment of Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Services from the Perspective of Providers: Where Can we Improve? Submitted to Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada.

Users may reproduce this questionnaire without further permission providing they respect copyright by quoting the names of the authors, the title and the source of the paper in all reproduced copies.