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Rochelle Maurice

Ethicist, Ontario

Rochelle Maurice is a clinical and organizational ethicist based in Toronto, Ontario. She is also pursuing doctoral studies in social work at the intersection of equity and maternal-child care. As a result of her experiences in both social work and ethics, Rochelle has an interest in and passion for addressing issues that affect pregnant and postpartum women and non-binary people at the intersection of health and social care. Rochelle’s attention to the gaps in care that both directly and indirectly effect the mental health of pregnant and parenting people has motivated her to contribute to meaningful change in this area. She is happy to join the board to support CPMHC’s advocacy efforts for a national perinatal mental health strategy. She is also excited to contribute to CMPHC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in perinatal mental health care. Rochelle hopes to employ her studies in social justice to support anti-racism initiatives in perinatal mental health and her ultimate hope is for accessible, timely, and inclusive supports for all pregnant and parenting people across Canada.