#TheBest Father’s Day Campaign


The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (CPMHC) launched a new campaign the week leading up to Father’s Day, June 21st, and Father’s Mental Health Day, June 22nd, 2020, in order to raise awareness for paternal mental health.

While perinatal mental illness affects up to 20 per cent of women, the latest research pegs men’s prevalence at 8.4 per cent with previous studies putting it in a range of anywhere from four to 25 per cent. In Canada, one study revealed that more than 13 per cent of expectant fathers experience elevated levels of depressive symptomsAnother study points out that 80 per cent of men in Canada won’t get help unless their partner convinces them to.

The CPMHC strongly believes that Fathers and Partners should be included in a national perinatal mental health strategy which they have been calling on the federal government to enact since the CPMHC’s inception in 2019.

The CPMHC asked moms, dads, and partners on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to tag the CPMHC and share their favourite pictures of Fathers/Partners along with their children using the hashtag, #THEBEST and #PaternalMentalHealthMattersToo. The response was overwhelming as so many families were eager to share how important it is for Fathers/Partners to be recognized.