Naomi Mendes-Pouget

Naomi is the founder Queer Nest and host of Queer Nest Club They is so excited to be a part of a team of individuals who are coming together for such an incredible purpose, while always bringing Queer visibility to the table and the mission. Naomi has a voice and she’s excited to use it! In her picture, she’s holding up a CBC article she was interviewed for. She will make sure Queer and LGBTQIA+ issues are heard, represented, and accounted for. Their ultimate hope is for everyone growing their family in Canada to feel like their health care provider is looking out for their mental health and cares about their whole wellbeing in the family-growing process. Naomi wants mental health to be so integrated into care that it is routine, proactive, nobody bats an eyelash when discussing mental health (concerns), and that quality resources are readily available to all. She wants the public mental health resource access to be smooth, swift, simple, inclusive and inviting to all families, and free.