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Now Recruiting Board of Directors

The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative is accepting applications for board members.  Established in 2019, CPMHC’s mission is to improve and advance perinatal mental health care. The CPMHC is calling on the federal and provincial/territorial governments to create a national perinatal mental health strategy which would provide direction, policy, and funding for improvements to perinatal mental health care including universal screening and timely access to treatment for all individuals during preconception,  pregnancy, and the postpartum periods.

Board members of the CPMHC are elected at the Annual General meeting to serve as the leadership team of the board. Each board member is a key member of this team that makes up the volunteer board of  directors.

The board of directors sets the direction of the collaborative according to the shared values and overall goals, ensures that the organization is managed well, and ensures the future viability of the organization. The  board is the CPMHC fiduciary and assists in the development of sound ethical and legal governance and financial  management policies.

We are looking for board members who understand perinatal mental health, have previous board experience or demonstrated leadership experience in non-profit governance and management, and can work well in a team structure.

We are recruiting five new volunteer board members to fill the following positions: 

Executive committee positions (2 positions):

  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer

Governance & Nominations committee (1 position):

  • Member

Equity & Inclusion committee (1 position):

  • Chair

Sustainability committee (1 position):

  • Member